The Truká cooking plate is the ideal heat distribution and proven for decades.
The Truká cooking plate is available in 2 sizes (Ø16 Ø19 cm + cm), it is adapted to the standard container sizes and can be used on both sides.

The kitchen helper for everyday

The Truka® hot plate

The aim was to facilitate the cooking and keeping food warm on gas stoves.

Furthermore, the Truka hotplate is very often used for camping. The plate is ideal for camping stoves, as you reach uniform heating. A safe stop the cooking vessel is ensured.

The efficient heat distribution Truka® the hot plate to a healthy and even cooking. Thus, the burning food is prevented and allows you a cooking without loss of quality. Due to the uniform energy distribution vitamins and ingredients of the ingredients are obtained, and you can be sure that healthy vitamin rich food on the table.

The Truka® hotplate is on gas stoves, electric stoves, barbecue, charcoal grills and camping stoves. Not suitable for induction stoves it is.

Here is a link to the video in which the Truka hotplate is presented.

The application of the hotplate